Saturday, February 09, 2013

Cafe de Mojote de Cuzalapa

We went up to Cuzalapa today since my friends hadn't been. This was about my 4th trip and I always enjoy it as the countryside is beautiful and the COOP people are nice. Today we met a young Mexican woman, helping at the COOP, studying her PHD in Switzerland and chose to do her study near her home town of Guadalajara. Beautiful young girl with very good English and she acted as our guide. I didn't really need the English but my friends Spanish is weak.

Anyway, part of the story is they sell "mojote" coffee which tastes like the real thing but is caffeine free. She showed us a large mojote tree right behind the COOP store after we each bought a 1/4 kilo bag ... roasted just like coffee.  Mojote was a staple food and beverage of the indigenous peoples of the area many years ago. I found the following quote on an Internet site where they are selling Mojote among other things.

Mojote The coffee is made from dried seeds from the mojote tree, which are roasted and ground to prepare a nutritious beverage similar to coffee.

Mojote seed is considered a highly nutritious food, containing Calcium, Potassium, Iron, Folate, Fiber , protein and vitamins A and B.

This product is made by a group of women Cuzalapa indigenous community, which is in the Biosphere Reserve of Manantlán. By purchasing this product you favor the conservation of the resources of this place and the development of the Women "Colour of the Earth"

Foto on their ad

Large mojote tree behind their drying coffee


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