Wednesday, February 06, 2013

3D Origami from the Cihuatlan Jail

These are being made by a family member of neighbors who is in the 'carcel' mainly because of a drug problem. We are selling them to help pay the legal fees, gas for visits, materials and personal items he needs or wants. He's also making these rather than just staring at the walls.   Seems like a good way to occupy your time. From an ad with fotos on Tomzap I found a couple in Barra that wants 2 or 3 so they will have first choice.  Heading over there later today.

I was totally amazed when I first saw them and had no idea how they were done. I finally found how with Google. You just have to make many hundreds of the little triangles and stick them together. Some things like the flowers have to be glued. Sounds simple from the video below but you still need to be able to visualize what you are going to make. The pieces of colored paper cost more because the family has to buy it. The other two pieces are made from magazines.

White baskets - 200 pesos each

Colored baskets - 200 pesos each

Large colored swan - 450 pesos

Magazine swan - 400 pesos

Large vase w/flowers - 400 pesos


Steve Cotton said...

They are beautiful. And what a great way to support one's neighbors. Both the families and those in jail.

sparks said...

We sold 3 to the couple in Barra for 850 pesos. Have two baskets left and those from magazines which I think will be hard to sell. We'll see how it goes from week to week

barbara eckrote said...

There is a whole genre of collectors in the USA that buy nothing but "prison art". Post those on Ebay and they would sell like hotcakes!

sparks said...

Good idea but for shipping. Even Mercado Libre would require shipping

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