Monday, December 24, 2012

Tomatoes gone wild

I planted about 6 plants and ended up with two. Any cherry tomatoes I've had in the past have never taken off like this. Maybe there are miniatures? I've since read that they can cover the wall of a house if conditions are right. I'm just glad I planted these next to the column in the planters or I would have had a heck of a time supporting them. I put a 1 meter wire basket around them but they quickly topped that and are now tied to the column. Also read that letting the branches droop is OK and they seem to be OK with that. Very soon to have lots of tomatoes.

My sister gave me some sprouting radish seeds when I was in Seattle but I figured since they are radishes they could also be planted. I ended up with great salad greens but no radishes. The Thai Basil and the Cilantro are doing great and are considerably larger than they show in the foto. Large enough to use some of the Basil.

Don't know what it is with corn and me but my second crop is failing. Two more melon plants have popped up in the compost pile. Had black and curly leaf hit the lime trees again and had to spray. Found a family of caterpillar like worms on my third lime tree and soapy water took care of them. Another caterpillar worm on the tomatoes who was very green inside from munching on the leaves. Bananas are huge but maybe another year for fruit. The Star fruit tree must think it's winter because it's dropped a lot of leaves. I think everything likes the cooler weather (me included) because they seem to be growing faster than they did this summer. Winter in Mexico

3 meters high

Lots of tomatoes and a finger

Radishes, basil and cilantro


Abby Boogernugget said...


DON'T KILL THE CATERPILLARS ON YOUR LIME TREES!!!! they are Giant Swallowtail Butterfly... - ... all citrus trees are their host plant. They are a gorgeous butterflies and we all need to learn more about them in order to help preserve their population.

sparks said...

So I need to give up my lime tree for these little animals? The "mother" alone stripped 5-6 branches and left about 20 babies to finish the job. I'm not sure what kind of worm it was but I think they need to find another host

sparks said...

Neighbor says not a butterfly worm to make you feel better

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