Thursday, December 20, 2012

Jaluco Cocodrilo moved to La Manzanilla

This one was found in the upper canals of Laguna del Tules which reach into Jaluco and out of concern for children it was moved by Proteccion Civil to the Cocodrilo sanctuary in La Manzanilla. We do see Cocodrilos along the road to Pinal Villa during the rainy season in the mini-lagoons that form there but usually much smaller and younger.

Foto by David Dagoli


Steve Cotton said...

Wow! A good-sized croc. I am not certain we have any that large in our pond in Villa Obregon.

John Calypso said...

Yikes! That is one BIG REPTILE!

sparks said...

The canals that reach into Jaluco are extensions of your lagoon (del Tules)

sparks said...

quite a few near that size in the La Manzanilla lagoon

Steve Cotton said...

Double yikes! My barber told me there were some big crocs in Jaluco. He was correct.

barbara eckrote said...

Geez, that guy is BIG - Steve better stay out of his lagoon. Who knows what lurks in those murky depths! No wonder there was a dead dog.......YUK

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