Saturday, December 15, 2012

Coca Cola Santa

We picked up Euriel at the Secondaria at 7 when it lets out. The rumor was the "Santa Parade" would be from 6;30-7 and we expected to miss it. We got to the plaza and the two new bars were trying to outdo each other for volume. The kids (lots) loved it - bouncing around the plaza and top honors go to the new one over 7-Stars for choice of music.

If we hadn't felt like a few tacos and beers we would have been long gone ... but come 8:15 along came the the "Coke Float" with lots of balls and candy to throw at the crowd. It was a big crowd but Coke cut it's costs this year. In years past there have been real floats and a number of them, this year just the one. Lots of fun and lights around the Melaque plaza


Steve Cotton said...

Rats! I missed it. I look forward to seeing the parade each year.

sparks said...

Not really a parade ... just the one with the reindeer parked beside the plaza throwing maybe 100 balls into the crowd. Was a lot of fun tho

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