Monday, November 19, 2012

Fishing with Ron

Well setting up an inflatable is not my favorite thing, I'd much prefer trailering it and just dropping it in the water. Neither is bouncing along at a rather fast trolling speed in a 10ft light boat. Besides that it was good to be out on the water and we had a really good time.

We caught a Barrilete right out of the Barra de Navidad harbor and we let it go. They were jumping everywhere so thought we might be pulling in a bunch. Out around the point to Playa de Cocos and then up to Cuastecomate. No more hits on that run heading west. On the way back closer to shore we had 5-6 strikes and at the mouth of the bay Ron hooked one. We first thought another Barrilete but then it jumped. Barrilete's don't jump.

With a very light pole and tackle Ron wasn't able to muscle it in so played it for about a half hour. We weren't sure it was a Dorado until it surfaced close to the boat. It was a female so didn't have the big head that males do ... but was about a meter long and weighed 8-9 kilos.

It made for a wonderful dinner made by Dora and her mom. I brought my neighbors so the kids could play in the hotel pool. We watched the sunset and headed home very full.

Dorado on the surface

Dorado in the boat

Ron with fish and mother in law

Getting ready to eat

Melaque sunset


Pedro Sanchez said...

Can't think to hard to go back there, is where I belong Joe Joe. and my people might be waiting for me. that may be will rest the promos on peace.

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