Tuesday, October 06, 2009

'Smart' speed bumps being developed in Mexico

By Chris Hawley, USA TODAY

TOLUCA, Mexico — Speed bumps are so common here that residents sometimes decorate them for the holidays, painting "Happy New Year" or "Happy Independence Day." One rock band, The Sam-Sam, even has dedicated a song to them.

Yet concerns over the environment — and the utter annoyance of having to brake and accelerate frequently — have prompted one Mexican state government to embrace a "smart" speed bump that could make driving smoother, without sacrificing safety.

The device, being developed by Mexico-based Decano Industries, automatically lowers into the ground when drivers go the speed limit or slower. Drive too fast, and the bump stays up.

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Topes in Mexico


Calypso said...

While I would love to see the topes go away - popping up speed bumps seems to be fraught with potential problems like a law abiding speed car being slightly in front or even next to a speeder - it seems that popping up bumps could get confused.

I think the U.S. strategy of camera and tickets by mail is more sensible - but then Mexico would have to get a real mail system together ;-)

el jubilado said...

And a real registration system and get rid of all the US plates

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