Thursday, October 08, 2009

Pomegranate - Granada

When you have a Pomegranate tree in your yard and a nice red one falls off now and then ... whatcha gonna do. Don't think I've eaten them since I was a kid in California with red stained hands and clothes. They were just too much work for little results. The only exception since has been chiles en nogada a few times in Mexico.

So today a nice red one on the ground made me want to learn a little more .... and the water trick below in the YouTube video looks like a clean approach. According to the Internet they come ripe in cooler months and my tree is full of green ones

In Mexico, pomegranate seeds are an essential ingredient of chiles en nogada, a favored food symbolizing the red component of the national flag.

A green one on my tree


jennifer rose said...

You can also juice the pomegranates as well as freeze the seeds.

el jubilado said...

I guess you could juice the seeds once out .... unless there is a magic machine

Steve Cotton said...

I still love to eat the seeds -- as if I were still 8 in Powers.

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