Sunday, October 04, 2009

Read the book for your camera

We spent about 4 hours enjoying a Charreada (horsemanship show)(not a country rodeo) today .... but this is the first time I've tried action fotos with this new camera. After reviewing a few fotos on the camera that looked like the first one below ... I knew I needed a faster shutter speed. I found a Icon of a runner in motion and went for that. While some blurry fotos can be artistic they don't document the action very well. The bottom foto is getting there but still could use some tuning. Part of the problem was this is a covered arena and not the best light.

More on Charreadas later

Bad camera

Good camera


Howard said...

I suspect you know the answer. In lower light situations, push the ISO as high as you can tolerate. Digital cameras have a remarkable range and don't get quite as "grainy" as film would. At the limit avoid motion going across the field of vision. or pan with it. A flash for this sort of situation is prohibitively expensive (well, for me, over $500US for the power you would need).

el jubilado said...

I suspect the little running icon was the menu item for dummies. I'll take a closer look for individual speed settings (ISO)

Steve Cotton said...

I came back with the same issue -- and no manual. But I have a DVD to review

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