Monday, October 26, 2009

A lizard's life

We had a birthday party here yesterday with about 15 people and all day I saw this guy hanging on the wall just outside my front door. Of course all the people left him alone, the dog can't see that well and the cats were hiding from the crowd.

This morning he was still there so I went to check if he was just nailed to the wall or what. I touched his tail and he didn't move - what more can you do. About an hour later one of the cats noticed him and just could not resist. On the 5th try and a good jump the cat got a paw on him and they both came down knocking over a bucket and a broom - distracting the cat and off went the lizard.

Very few iguanas up here is the lake Chapala area and lots of lizards. Sad to say the cats have killed a few and try to bring them in to show me.

Jocotepec Lizard on my wall

Link to Birthday Party fotos and story


Steve Cotton said...

Great pattern on that lizard

Babs said...

Gorgeous. Nature is amazing.

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