Saturday, November 19, 2016

Amazed at this maniac Trump

I was going to skip the politics but these appointments drove me to it. These jerks are so far right I'm looking crosseyed. I mean just read some of their quotes. Sickening !! 

Steve Bannon, Michael Flynn, and Jeff Sessions

Government by the Worst Men

Donald Trump’s appointees represent a coherent ideology and perspective, one that should terrify all Americans.

What would it look like to live under a kakistocracy, Greek for “government by the worst men”?

After this presidential transition, we are going to find out. Throughout his campaign, Donald Trump said he would hire “the best people” to staff his administration. If “best people” means experienced politicians, dedicated experts, or even skilled businesspeople, then he’s stretching the truth. Few people with those qualifications are on board for an appointment to the Trump White House. But if “best people” means the hangers-on of the Trump campaign—the white nationalists, petty authoritarians, and conspiracy-mongers—then we’re on target.


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