Monday, May 26, 2014

Meet Blackie

This little guy has had a rough week.  He escaped from his owners while visiting neighbors and somehow ended up in my yard. He kept popping up around the yard for 2 days and I thought he'd taken off until Hugo spotted him behind the patio.  He still didn't want any human contact and there was food and water in the yard so we let him do his thing. All the while asking people who he belonged to.

Yesterday was 3 days since I'd seen him last and I opened up the pump house to top off the pool and there he was. Totally ready for water and food .... and I gave him a couple hot-dogs (slowly). Now I'm his best friend but he likes everybody.   Not quite friends with dog and cat yet.   That doesn't matter as we found the owner today and he's coming over a little later.  Good little dog and not a yapper !!!


Tancho said...

Thanks for taking care of the dog and trying to find the owner. That is not something that is usually done in Mexico! Lost dogs most of the time get abused or worse.
A kudo for you!

sparks said...

Well ... owner didn't show up yesterday so we are wondering. Continuing story or not?

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