Wednesday, May 07, 2014

A CFE Bird Story

It took two visits to the CFE office and a month and a half for them to show up to cut the neighbors mango tree away from my power lines.  It usually gets done twice a year because they refuse to cut the tree way back. I'd be tempted to pay to have the whole thing cut down but it's huge, would not be cheap and not my responsibility.

I wondered why the CFE guy was taking his time at first but he had spotted a birds nest and was carefully cutting it out with his machete. I was on my roof taking the first picture and he motioned to me, did I want the nest and the one baby inside.  He was able to maneuver his crane over and handed me the nest. I had no idea what to do but I guess you have to try.   I remember trying to feed baby robins in a shoe box when we were kids and none of them ever made it.

My first clever idea was in the rebar which was above where my cat can reach.   Then I thought about sun and wind exposure so tied a palm frond over it.  Yesterday afternoon and again this morning the parents were buzzing around and making a real racket and I never saw them at the nest.  All I could figure was it was just too exposed or unnatural so I checked out my Neem tree for a spot.   It's good and well protected but if my cat really wanted he could get up there. When I moved the nest there was a lot of I'm hungry noises so he's healthy and maybe the parents will like this location better.   Last photo is a parent in a neighboring mango tree.

Ready to cut the Mango

Nest in rebar

A little more shade

New spot in the Neem tree

One of the very unhappy parents


barbara said...

Lovely post. I think its so unbelievably wonderful that the workman would care enough to not just throw the nest to the ground but gave it to you to save! I LOVE Mexico!

Tancho said...

Nice that you and the CFE guy took the effort to save the nest and bird. Hope it works out ok. And you get a special attaboy credit!
And the good Karma,

Steve Cotton said...

Good for you. No matter the outcome, you took the time to care.

sparks said...

I have nothing but time .... and wish I could care as much for some people.

I'll post on any real updates. Hard to track bird activities

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