Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I'm not Blackie

We loaded up Blackie in the car on the way to Melaque yesterday afternoon and stopped by the house of the people missing the dog.

I handed him to their 12 year old while they all said it's not Blackie. Since they are missing their dog for over a week and the 12 year old's face lit up we were able to talk them into accepting him as the new family pet.

After we left Lorena told me the story of the 12 year old.  When born in the General Hospital in Manzanillo his anus was not connected to his intestine and he was unable to eliminate. The hospital didn't give him a complete physical, sent him home and he soon got very sick One failed attempt to repair him but eventually had a colostomy.   The internal infections effected other major organs and they expect he will not live a full life. He still visits a specialist in Guadalajara every few months.

Happy and sad story.  Seems like there are so many kids/people here that are not physically well due to incomplete medical care ... or no care at all because of a lack of money.


norm said...

A lady I know in Guatemala who has a child with the same problem, she writes a blog called EXPAT MOM, She might have information that can help your new friends.

sparks said...

Found her and sent a note. Nice site

Expat Mom said...

Thanks for the visit. It sounds like the kid you met had a lot of complications. It's not uncommon, unfortunately, for imperforate anus to go undetected even in the US. With Dorian, we had several different opinions from various doctors, but ended up doing our own research and figuring things out that way . . . but we seem to be the odd ones!

Expat Mom said...

How odd! I never would have guessed they were cranberries in a tree!

sparks said...

Expat mom posted 2 replies but they did not show up. Can read them in Blogger Dashboard but not here

sparks said...

I think it's only a name and I doubt that are even berries ... let alone cranberries

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