Friday, January 25, 2013

Two more songs the neighbor kids like

And I do mean "like".   They can play these things over and over for days.  The songs by Hermanos Vazquez and CoCo No by Roberto Jr. ... and Gangnam Style that I posted a video of a few days ago.  

They have a couple of them on their Cel phones and I wanted to put a few on mine except I hate ITunes which is usually for managing music and videos on IPhones and other Apple products.   You install ITunes on your PC and it takes over ... won't use it!!

I knew about YTD Video Downloader to download videos from YouTube.   It also converts files to different formats after you have downloaded.  Original YouTube is in .FLV and my IPhone needs MP3/4.   Then I did a search for an ITunes replacement and found CopyTrans Manager works perfectly, very small in size ... and both programs are Freeware.   Now my phone is the favorite because of the big screen compared to theirs.

Rolling in the Deep - Hermanos Vazquez

El CoCo No - Roberto Jr.


John Calypso said...

Best investment is earphones for the kids....

sparks said...

Then they sing along off tune. Better to hear the real thing and have the kids in the background

Anshu Sharma said...

YouTube Video downloader or youtube downloaders are the need of todays, because everybody have smartphone and wants to watch their favorite songs and movie in their smartphone. I have find a new video downloader , Amazing downloader guys

saif said...

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