Sunday, January 06, 2013

Almost in a jam

Not mine

The real jam was paper in my printer. When I was working I used to maintain (with some help) 300+ computers and 40+ printers of all sizes ... and never ran into this problem that I remember. I'm printing out six months of bank statements and a few more things for Immigration but could not get past the first page without a jam. Luckily I bought another printer but ended up with the same problem. Tried another cartridge, same thing. Only thing left was the paper and I had an unopened package. Problem solved, but I'd never run into paper that is too thick or too stiff ... whatever it was? So I can visit Immigration with everything in order.

The almost jam was being out of yogurt for my daily breakfast of fruit and yogurt. My guests from Jocotepec had made a huge amount of ceviche and when they left filled up two of the old yogurt containers with the leftovers. They didn't tell me so I thought I had plenty. One real container left and enough till I buy some more ... and the ceviche is good.

My neighbors are in a jam since Hugo hasn't been paid for his work since the beginning of December. Can't imagine an employer not paying just before Christmas and now it's the new year and they have rent to pay and a TV satellite bill. Two trips to Banco Elektra for a loan and they said maybe next week. I finally loaned them some money to avoid a real jam.

Other than that, things are drying out after 4 days of rain ... and I'm out almost every night with a flashlight and my poison powder in a battle with leaf eating ants. Not just my place, tho I do have the tastiest plants, they are all over the neighborhood.

I almost forgot that with Internet Explorer I can't upload fotos to these Blogs. I Googled it and sure enough it's effecting all versions of IE. Firefox works so I switch over for fotos. I have to use IE for compatability issues with my web site but am finding more and more reasons to stop using it.


norm said...

The paper had absorbed a bit of moisture in the tray, the fresh was protected in its wrap. I have the same problem in Ohio during the hot humid summer months. 95 and 90% make the paper tacky and it will not pass over the rollers.

sparks said...

That's probably exactly it. Guess the neighbor kids get some drawing paper. Thanks Norm

norm said...

Just a bit in the oven and the paper will be good-if it is a lot-too much to waste that is.

sparks said...

Drawing paper is not wasted on kids and there is not much of it. I tried to seal the new package to keep the moisture out

norm said...

Your so right about kids and paper.

Steve Cotton said...

Norm brought up my diagnosis. I have had the same problem with paper. I now keep opened packages in zip log bags.

Steve Cotton said...

"zip lock"

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