Monday, January 28, 2013

Costalegre Rotary Chili Cookoff 2013

Wasn't sure I was going to go as I'd been a few times in the past but some new people were in town so decided to go with them. Glad I did as I met a few people for the first time and ran into a few I've not seen in awhile. It was pretty much stay out of the sun, drink beer, taste a chili or two, listen to the four musical groups and mucho Blah, Blah, Blah. It was fun.

I wasn't impressed much with the chili but with 30 entries how do you taste very many. Turns out I missed the winners so there might have been some decent bowls there. I was disappointed to see a woman parading around all day with "Vote for #19" which turned out to be Crazy Cactus ... and they won the amateur title. Oh well. Had dinner around the corner and I was home by dark.

Our group with only Tecate - no Estrella

Some of the chili booths

Normally useless Dryhouse being usefull

Grupo Exito with Raul and Hector


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