Saturday, July 07, 2012

Steak and Lobster

We were just going to have a steak dinner (carne asada) for Hugo's son's graduation party tonight but while I was down at the local store a kid came in with 3 lobsters in a bag trying to sell them to the store owner. The owner suggested I buy them and they did smell fresh out of the sea. A little over 3 kilos or 6.6 lbs for 150 pesos or about 13 dollars.

These are spiny lobsters or langostinos and don't have big claws like northern lobsters. In one foto you see a bunch of eggs ... but I have no idea if catching females or females with eggs is illegal. No idea if there is a size limit either. One is pretty small. Anyway, they are all in a big pot right now at Hugo's house with his wife doing the cooking (garlic and butter).  Pacific coast of Mexico living

Three on a plate

Hugo on the way home

Female with eggs

I just wanted to add that lobsters are usually langostas and langostinos more often shrimp or river prawns


Calypso said...

Great buy! Yum - they look like they will/were be good.

sparks_mex said...

It turns out that a few summer months (months without a R?) is closed season for lobster as it's breeding time. Would like to see the official rules on this

sparks_mex said...

The months without an R story is a myth maybe dating to when refigeration was an issue

From Wikipedia

The main legal restrictions on fishing for California spiny lobster in Mexico are a minimum landing size of 82.5 mm (3.25 in), the prohibition of catching berried females, and a closed season: from February 16 to November 15, fishing for spiny lobsters is prohibited in a region which moves south along Mexico's Pacific coast during the season.

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