Friday, July 27, 2012

My week in Melaque

We are just about finishing up another rainless week in Melaque with one days "feel like" temperature up to 114 degrees or 45.56 C.   Today seemed like our best chance but it was only overcast and a little cooler.

I reheated one of my favorite left-overs one too many times a couple days ago and got what you would expect from a bad restaurant ... toilet bowl hugging.   I usually leave the food out over night on the stove and off to the fridge in the morning but in this heat it is not advised.    My neighbors were here as they usually are in the evening and they heard my troubles in the bathroom.   Hugo stayed later to make sure I didn't get worse and was back first thing in the morning checking and offering food.    An hour later his daughter brought me a plate of 2 quesadillas and a bottle of suero (for dehydration).   Just a one day thing!

The announcement trucks were circulating around about a light-bulb (foco) exchange on the plaza sponsored by Ferro Pacifico so we went to get rid of some of my old construction bulbs.   These exchanges are usually sponsored by the electric company (CFE) but I think Ferro Pacifico is advertising their new store expansion and want to compete with other hardware stores in the area.   Usually they exchange one incandescent for one fluorescent but with 8 bulbs and 4 CFE receipts we came away with 16 bulbs.

Washing clothes the other day there was a sudden puff of smoke from the control area of my washing machine.   We finished the cycle and second load with my other machine upstairs.   Went to my favorite auto/fridge air conditioning guy today and sure enough he knows washers.  He offered to come to my house, arrived when he said he would (with his daughter)  and diagnosed the problem as a "fuse" controlling action  when the door is opened and closed.   300 pesos for a new part that would not last very long ... or just bypass the door open security switch.   150 pesos for the service call and bypass rather than 450 pesos to replace the part.  He also taught me that with a washer with both hot and cold inlets ... you can get more water into you machine by using "tibia" even if you don't have a hot water source.   The valves are in the machine to control flow.

Now just waiting for the Elote lady, friendly neighbors and some rain

Added the Y so I could connect both hoses.  Using the warm wash setting gives you flow from both hoses rather than all cold or all hot.   Definate difference.


John Calypso said...

We should send rain from here (Xico) to you - it has rained every day save one for the last three months. I guess that is why they call it the tropics ;-)

sparks said...

Please do. I guess this is why they call our area a semi-arid jungle

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