Sunday, January 02, 2011

Ceviche de caracol y camaron

Last Friday was a quit work early day and everyone wanted ceviche. Stephen, my neighbor and a fisherman and I went shopping for caracol (snail) and shrimp. First stop was Pescaderia Ramos in Barra on the lagoon. Barra was a zoo with all the vacationers walking in the streets and Ramos only had shrimp.

Next stop was Pescaderia Aguilar near the northend of the mercado in Melaque and they had caracoles. Melaque was a little better for traffic but this holiday season is not the time to be driving any more than you need to.

So back to the house we go with a stop for a kilo of limes, veggies and crispy tortillas. My first time for caracoles and not overly impressed but was a great ceviche over all.

Stephen in front of Barra fish store

Fish store in Melaque

Hugo cutting caracoles after cleaning the shrimp


Anonymous said...

Sparks, Did you pound the crap out of the caracoles before cutting them up for the ceviche? If you didn't, that was probably the problem, as they are tougher than hell without pounding them almost to a pulp beforehand.

David Bodwell
Editorial Mazatlán

el jubilado said...

No they didn't ... but not much tougher than pulpo. I just wasn't as excited about them as the other guys

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