Thursday, January 20, 2011

FM3 in Manzanillo

Yesterday was my day to head to Immigration in Manzanillo but I couldn't drag myself out of bed early with these cold mornings we've been having. Got there about 9:30 and found 20 people (numbers at least) in front of me. That was with a stop at Farmacia Guadalajara in Cihuatlan to have pictures taken, cheaper and faster than most other places.

With 20 people in front of me I knew I had a few hours to wait so grabbed the camera and started walking the area. Immigration is at the harbor entrance so lots of activity, boats/ships coming in and out, people fishing or just doing what I was doing - killing time.

After 2 hours I was surprised to see only 5 numbers in front of me so took a seat. How easy the FM3 process has become I couldn't believe. They only wanted a copy of the first page of my passport and proof of where I live. They didn't make an issue of my change of address or suggest I use the Internet to apply. I had both my electric bill and a 'constancia de domicilio' issued by the local municipio, they preferred the constancia. The only hang up was the fotos were passport size and not 'tamaño infantil'. They said I could bring in the new pictures when I return. I dropped by Farmacia Guadalajara on the way back and they made up new fotos for no charge.

I walked up to the banjercito (government bank) like I always do to pay the $1285 pesos and found another long line. An Ensign in the Navy was getting the ships payroll or maybe for the whole Naval Base. That was another 30-40 minutes when it usually takes 5. Anyway, I return in a month to get the new card since they no longer issue books.

Immigration in the Port Captains building

Port entrance

Port from the breakwater

Downtown Manzanillo from the breakwater

Banjercito heavily guarded while issuing a ships payroll


Calypso said...

We got our new FM3 card here in Puerto Escondido - there was some confusion about the change of address from Xico - but it essentially went well - took only a week from the papers to the card.

el jubilado said...

Different every where you apply but I guess many of us are getting used to the lack of standards. They gave me a month to return ... but it may have to do with traffic and what the office can handle

marthabob2u said...

It also took us a month in Manzanillo but our friends who went in late January took three weeks. When we exit Mexico for the summer I suppose they will just scan the new card?

el jubilado said...

I don't know about scanning. I think the new card is not high-tec yet. You still need the FMM form for exit and re-entry just like you were flying out with an FM3

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