Friday, May 14, 2010

Mangos are coming along

My Mangoes are coming along but I don't know their season. I only know there were none here in October when I moved in. Also don't have a clue what type of Mango this is. The big ones are 3-4 inches long.

Like every other tree in this yard ... it's been pruned badly and many of the branches don't look strong enough to hold much weight. I've already tied a few branches to a trellis on a wall but may have to buy some poles to prop up others


Nancy said...

It looks like an ataulfo to me. If the seed is very flat, it is. These are my favorite mangos by far.

el jubilado said...

I hope so - they sound wonderful. Probably had them but never heard the name.

"Ataulfo Mangos are in a class by themselves. Sometimes referred to as Champagne®, Honey Mangos or Manila Mangos, they boast a delicious flavor and a string-less interior that melts in your mouth."

Funny that the neighbor kids like the little green ones and can't wait till they are ripe

Miguelito El Cojo said...

I've got that same tree in my backyard and the mangos look identical. I agree with others that the Ataulfo is superior to the Pariso, though my wife would disagree. Last year we lost our entire crop of 6 or 8 to neighborhood 8 year olds that climbed over a 12 ft. fence to eat them green!

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