Sunday, May 02, 2010

International Confederation of Motorcycle Acrobats

Motorcycle stunt riding, was invented in Mexico, by a Mexican. (according to their website)

The International Confederation of Motorcycle, Officers and Highway Police, AC was born in 1987. This followed the older tradition of the first Brotherhood of Bikers and acrobats in 1927, initially formed by the General Directorate of the Federal Transit and the Federal Highway Police.

A team was formed in 1933, with the support of the Mexican army general, Jesus de La Garza C. Gutierrez and Leobardo Ruiz Camarillo, then military industry director of war, along with the head of automotive mechanical workshop, Escalante Enrique Martinez. They formed a team of motorcycle stunt riders made up of mechanics, drivers and motorcyclists.

The maestro Enrique Martinez would emphasize his powers as acrobat, changing the ways of motorcycle stunt riding, which in those years was done in very large spaces, such as tennis courts, airfields or bull rings.

He also created a method of teaching handling and control of the motorcycle, and was considered a technician in that discipline.

1950 Mexico City

There is a large motorcycle rally and fiesta going on this weekend on the Jocotepec malecon and I went yesterday.   Never realized motorcycling was such a big thing in Mexico.  The Acrobacia's are from Mexico City and their show is about two hours long.  Single and group tricks, jumping over bodies, lots of engine revving, human pyramids and finally crashing thru a blazing enferno.   Takes a lot of skill and strength to handle those big Harley's


Chrissy y Keith said...

wow, who knew? I saw a motorcycle cop in Guayabitos a few weeks ago on a big new Honda. The poor man looked liked he was just learning to ride.

Calypso said...

I would hate to be the last guy in the row of dudes laying on the grass in the photo - just seems risky to me ;-)

el jubilado said...

I'm sure there's been a few mishaps in the past. They cleared the crowd out on the landing end too

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