Monday, May 10, 2010

How to avoid car-jacking

Here's one couples method as they passed thru Sinaloa

One decal, 2 different sizes (one for each front door and one for the tailgate) says: "This vehicle is equipped with a satellite GPS locator". (I have seen this written on many large Mexican vans and trucks.) Then Dave got a streamer of sort - a - look - like flames for the lower half of each side of the truck body as well as a large double dragon on the hood of the truck. He then sprayed diesel all over the truck and drove all over the hill. With the dust, the decals and the written warning of the GPS locator the truck definitely does not look like a choice vehicle for a get-away and really stands out!


Chrissy y Keith said...

Good idea about the decals. We purposely got a ratty looking canopy to put on our Toyota Tacoma and did not wash it for months before we took it into Sonora and Sinoloa. Even so, at a hotel in Navajoa, we spotted a Dad and Son posing for a photo in front of it. This has happened a few times once in Caborca, Sonora and in Guaymas/Emplame area. Can anyone tell me why Mexicans would be interested in a 8 year old truck?

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