Sunday, December 13, 2009

The purple gang finds Tejuino

Just got back from 5 days in Melaque staying with Ron and Dora. Good to see the place and people again even tho they had had 3 days of rain just before we got there and humidity was high and the streets a mess. There was a rumor Salvador might show up from San Miguel and sure enough he came banging on the front gate at 2 in the morning Thursday after taking the bus down.

The next day we headed for the market and somehow everyone but me was wearing purple so we were avoiding the red gang we never found. Near the market we found a new Tejuino guy (with new cart) and they had to try it - somehow ending up with purple straws. I tried some, very sweet and if any fermentation it was not noticeable.

From Wikipedia
Tejuino is a cold beverage made from fermented corn popularly-drunk in the Mexican state of Jalisco. It is often served with a scoop of shaved ice.

Tejuino is made from the same corn dough used for tortillas and tamales. The dough is mixed with water and brown sugar (piloncillo) and boiled. Then the liquid is allowed to ferment very slightly. The resulting drink is generally served with lime juice, a pinch of salt and a scoop of shaved ice or lemon sherbet. It is usually sold by street vendors in small plastic cups or in plastic bags tied around a straw


Leslie Limon said...

One of my favorite colors is purple, so I'm already a fan of the Purple Gang!

And I love Tejuino! Just don't drink too much. Doctors here recommend it for those who need to put on weight! :D

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