Saturday, December 05, 2009

¡Feliz cumpleaños María!

Maria had a birthday yesterday and we went to Mariscos René in Jocotepec. Maria is the oldest sister of 4 and they were all there with the kids. Maria has been the librarian for the local high school for over 20 years and two of her long time compañeros came along.

Can't say the fish is as fresh as that on the beach but maybe that's why most of them had Empanizado, the breaded and fried version of anything. Maria had camarones (shrimp) Mexicana and said they were so spicy she couldn't taste the shrimp. I thought camarones diablo was the spiciest plate you could order. Shrimp either come from the Mazatlan area or are farm raised so Melaque won't have fresher than our area. I had a filet 'mojo de ajo' and they used plenty of garlic, another cover up?

The little girls found a video machine and had fun pretending they were really playing while it kept flashing "Insert Coin". I gave then a couple of pesos and into their pockets they went. The fantasy was better than reality and maybe the pesos were for candy later.

The family

The girls


Video games


norm said...

The kids are being raised right, too smart to waste any real money that comes their way.

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