Thursday, April 09, 2009

Semana Santa is here

My neighbors always advise me to park my car in the garage but I park it on the street half up the curb. Not these two weeks with all the crazy out-of-towners. 4 wheel ATV's running around at top speed, nobody pays attention to one-way streets, buses find themselves on streets too small to maneuver, people park on both sides of the street giving almost no room. And then there are drunks. Last year someone ran his car up the telephone pole support cable on one side of my house - that still lies there. And the holidays attract theives as people have their guards down.

I'm more or less in hibernation mode and the Sunday trips to the beach with the kids is on hold as well. Prices go up, can't get service and no way can you find a table after 10am. I know Melaque needs the business .... so I'll just wait it out and not complain

Semana Santa in Melaque, Mexico


Babs said...

Well, those that aren't at the beach are here in San Miguel - the traffic coming in from Mexico City is backed up on the road from Queretaro for as far as the eye can see. I'm "hunkering down" too. Our jardin was even packed with people early this morning.....
Happy Easter!

Steve Cotton said...

We will not be across the border until about the 18th or so. I hope things clear out before then.

Jay said...

I'm coming down to Melaque from the 14th to 28th and could use a few nights of unrest to get me out of work mode!

el jubilado said...

2.5 to 3 days from Nogales the way I drive. Everyone should be back to work. Sundays are good driving days unless to meet the returning crowd

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