Friday, April 10, 2009

Made in Mexico movie fan

I'm a fan of Made in Mexico movies and there are many great ones. I have DVD's of many from various sources. Recently I watched two because they were made in the Costalegre area. "Cabo Blanco" was filmed in Barra de Navidad and "I Still Know What You Did Last Summer" was partially filmed in the old Hotel Tecuan up the coast.

Cabo Blanco was definately the better of the two with Charles Bronson but both were filmed at least half at night making anything other than the interior of hotels impossible. The 'other one' was god-awful with unknown actors and almost totally shot at night - as horror movies will do.

My advise is to avoid them unless you just have to say you've seen them. BTW, one of the original Hollywood Robinson Crusoe movies (Bunuel)(color) was shot in Cuyutlan in Colima in the '50's

Cabo Blanco

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer


Calypso said...

Sparks - I recently watched El Mariachi - an excellent Mexican movie. Have you seen it?

el jubilado said...

Yep, that is a good one. Think I was impressed as much with the story of making the film and his budget .... not that I have 100k +/- to put in a movie

Anonymous said...

Check out Samurai Avenger, it's kind of latino-oriented.

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