Monday, May 09, 2016

Trump's Birth Name

Trump is Trash and the US does not have to be

After the petty-miserable Trump Tweeted Jon Stewart's Jewish name in his usual derogatory way .... Jon just had to come back - you know!!.  F**KFACE CLOWNSTICK

Too many brilliant take-downs for Clown Donald I just can't resist posting them.

Stewart was not the only comedic voice to take aim at Trump today, either – Jeb Lund of RollingStone and the Guardian published an amusing denouncement of the entire election cycle today, criticizing the utter absurdity of the media’s coverage and the flagrant disregard of truth and facts by all sides. “Donald Trump [is] an orange sorbet mistakenly served to the world with a discarded Eighties New Wave wig atop it” who is “tweeting like a teen troll sadist with zero object permanence.” He had no doubts that the Republican Party would fall in line behind Trump, because the Republican “principled class…are the cinder block on a makeshift front-lawn auto-body shop: dumb as a brick and capable of supporting anything.”


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