Friday, November 20, 2015

Jaluco Kinder has a Revolution

The Jaluco Kinder where two of my neighbors attend had their Día de la Revolución celebration a day early. Most of the other schools in the area will have theirs today with marching/parading in the streets. The Kinder stayed on campus. 

We bought Nahima's outfit earlier this week and I didn't want her riding on the back of a bike with her mom so I volunteered to take everybody over and to take pictures. I don't know if the kids had a rehearsal, but it looked like a first time for all of them. Basically like herding cats. 

In the past I've only seen the kids dressed up for war but this included the warriors, the campesinos and the elegantes. My best guess is the elegantes are the Spanish landholders and kind of strange to see them celebrated for the Revolution.

Nahima enjoying herself

Eiker the character and his sister

Kinder Plaza

A mix of culture

Los Elegantes

Making tortillas



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