Sunday, November 01, 2015

Great post from Robert Reich

Robert Reich post on Facebook

Last night with two friends over dinner:

Fred: I trust Bernie. He hasn’t waivered on these issues in forty years. Hillary is all over the place. And she’s taking money from billionaires and big banks.

Linda: But Bernie can’t be elected president. Americans will never elect a 74-year-old Jewish socialist. Hillary can be elected. And we can’t risk this election. If any of these Republicans is elected we’re all f*cked.

Fred: Bernie can be elected. Polls don’t measure enthusiasm. And it’s enthusiasm that gets people to the voting booths -- and is turning Bernie’s candidacy into a national movement to take back our economy and reclaim our democracy.

Linda: Movement shmovement. “Occupy” was supposed to be a movement, too. Your movements are bullshit. Politics is about discipline and organization. That’s Hillary.

Fred: People don’t trust Hillary. They don’t like her. They won’t vote for her.

Linda: They will if her opponent is Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, or any of the other right-wing fanatics Republicans nominate.

Fred: What good will it do to elect a president whose principles shift like a weathervane?

Linda: What good will it do to have a nominee who can’t get elected?

What’s your view? Who won this argument?


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