Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mexico in August ... ??

Pretty fricking amazing

A hailstorm of mammoth proportions hammered sections of Mexico City Sunday. Several feet of hail piled up, making some city roads impassable.

“Roads such as the North Loop [el Periférico Norte] were flooded by hail and flooding, so municipal and Federal District workers labored for hours to clear them, Notimex reported,” wrote CNN Mexico.

Mexico news organization Azteca Noticias called it a “historical hailstorm”.

Pictures from Twitter are remarkable; parts of the  low latitude city appear transformed into a winter wonderland in the dog days of August:


Steve Cotton said...

Wow! I am glad I missed that. At least, as a driving experience.

sparks said...

I've heard of a few inches of hail in the winter at higher altitudes ..... but August ??

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