Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Loca on the dock in San Blas

La Loca del Muelle de San Blás

Mexican Rebecca Jimenez Mendez, the woman who inspired the group Maná in the popular song "Pier San Blas," died yesterday at age 63 (6 de septiembre del 2012) , after a history of a dramatic and sad life.

The tragic love story, so well reflected by the Mexican musical group on "In the spring of San Blas" began when in the summer of 1971 Mendez Jimenez was all set to marry her boyfriend, a fisherman named Manuel.

Four days before the wedding, the man went fishing and never returned. Gone are the days, months and years and Manuel did not return. Rebecca sat on the dock of the port of San Blas, wearing her wedding dress, waiting for the long awaited return of her fiancé.


Steve Cotton said...

Miss Haversham in a serape.

sparks said...

I hate to hope it was a sea going accident rather than a jilted lover senario

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