Sunday, June 29, 2014

In out of the weather

These guys like to sit on the sconces inside my covered porch. It's out of the rain, wind and high enough my cat can't even think of going after them. When they first started this I was afraid they were ready to make their mud nests but no sign of it for 4-5 months. They built a nest upstairs but I got it before there were any little ones in it.

I have two neighbors that have swallow families living inside their homes.  One house is always open and the other is open during the day. A little startling to have one fly past your head as you walk out the door.  They must be great bug catchers but mucho poop below the nest is why I don't welcome them.  One was sitting on my tomato supports this morning and I stood there talking to him less than a meter away.   Very cool birds. 

On the sconce

One still there under the porch


jennifer rose said...

Golondrinas nesting under the eaves is a sign of luck. I knew a guy once who destroyed their nests on his patio, and he died. You don't want to put yourself in that position.

sparks said...

Think I've heard the good luck side before and heard it again from Silvia on Facebook. She has 3 families living in/on? their house.

Had not heard the bad luck side but I guess there are two sides to luck. I will rethink the next Golondrina stucco work I see as long as it's not inside the house

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