Sunday, June 08, 2014

Grandma and the Cocodrilo

We were joking with Nahima last week about Cocodrilo's and instead of fear, she wanted to see one. All ready to go to La Manzanilla until we realized Euriel had never seen one and he was in school. Better Saturday. Didn't think Nahima would remember but she did. She talked about it so much Grandma overheard and wanted to visit her sister in La Manzanilla.

Sister warned us that it cost to see the Cocodrilo's and it does if you go out on the walkway.  There is plenty to see right from the street.   We didn't check the entrance fees but I'm sure we spent way more at the little tourists shops. Even got this Coco foto from the street. 


barbara said...

I've been there many times. Never paid. Just stood either on the road or beach and watched them! Amazing creatures.......

sparks said...

Can't see anything from the beach side. Mangroves have grown up to block all view into the lagoon. The next big rain storm may open it up again

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