Saturday, April 05, 2014

Room Temperature

At least those are Dr. Rosa's instructions when it comes to drinking or eating cold. Her rational is a virus will "take advantage" in the cold. She kinda frowned when I brought up a cold cerveza.  Ice cream I can do without but cold drinks in this weather are hard to put aside.

So the whole story is that part of the reason I quit smoking back in mid December was due to a sore throat. When it didn't go away at the end of January I went to the first doctor (Dr Rosa's son) and got antibiotic pills.  At the end of Feburary I went to another doctor and she gave me 3 strong antibiotic shots.   So this past week it was Dr. Rosa or a specialist in Manzanillo.

Dr. Rosa has 2 cameras similar to Dentista Woo and I was able to see the infection with small little blisters. Maybe when the other two doctors looked it was only red and no blisters .... but blisters are a sure sign of a viral infection and not  bacterial.  Antibiotics do not work on a viral infection.  So a few swab samples went off to a lab in Guadalajara and I went home with a box of Maclov.   Looking up Maclov when I got home and find it is a common treatment for Herpes and there is the connection to the blisters.   Two weeks for the lab results to come back but in the mean time we're headed in the right direction and no more antibiotics.

Don't do a knee jerk on Herpes.   It is not a sexual virus but a type can be transmitted sexually.   My type can be transmitted also but more likely from a cough, sneeze or not washing my hands. I picked it up from someone else when maybe my immune system was a little low. 


billy king said...

Male throat cancer from HPV/oral sex at an all time high.....people assume its the cigarettes.but uh uh.....get checked further.

sparks said...

Cancer was my first thought but from cigarettes and 40+ years of smoking. No close physical contact with anyone for so long I don't remember.

Well my samples are going a a Guadalajara lab and not the local one. We'll see

jennifer rose said...

We Mexicans have this thing about the cold, donning a jacket and muffler when the temps fall a single degree below 72F, fearing ice as much as the Brits, and then there's the thing about the night air, even when it's sweltering. Go ahead and enjoy your cold drinks and some ice cream. Dra. Rose gave you the green light.

sparks said...

According to Sr. Google cold dampens the immune system and viruses do well in it. Mexicans do have a thing about temperature but in this case .......

Barbara said...

Glad the sample is going to a labe in Guada. Good luck. I agree with Dr. Rosa and seldom use ice anymore. Of course, where I am, its not necessary to stay cool (I say as I sit here writing in socks, a robe and jammies at 11AM) Ha.

sparks said...

Jammies and socks sounds like from another world. I can't keep a sheet on all night in my undies

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