Thursday, April 17, 2014

A little less green

While I would love to let those bananas complete their life cycle and maybe even collect the fruit they produce these are just too big for the space I have.  They are/were well over 4 meters and no sign of a flower.   They were blocking all the afternoon sun from the lime trees and maybe stealing their water as well.

The first platano plant I had was a Dominico, the small sweet fruit, and it was mature and had fruit at only 2.5-3 meters. There are two more plants in another location but are still small and don't know what kind they are yet.  Neighbor and I have been planting them in a vacant lot where size does not matter but they may not be getting enough water.

That's 2 lime trees in front

Will have to dig the rest up

Green Iguana visitor
Neighbors noticed this guy inside my yard last night and he was hanging on the front gate this morning.  I walked right up to him and not sure why he wasn't afraid.  Maybe injured or once a pet.   Kind of afraid the neighbor kids will molest him if he sticks around.


Steve Cotton said...

I was just thinking of planting a dominico banana as I walked through the garden this morning. Do you know a good source?

sparks said...

Every plant has babies and one of our vacant lot plants has just started to fruit. Also my neighbor who I got both types from may also have some and know what she is doing. Neighbors are Canadians and leaving soon so don't wait too long to drop by

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