Monday, December 30, 2013

Direction change - Like it or not

A few intentional and unintentional derailments in the last month with interesting results for each.

The most current one is this weather. We´re into the 4th day of unexpected rain, and not a light rain.   At least an inch a day so far and the forecast says it may ruin the New Year´s Eve party tomorrow night. At least I have no school bus driving responsibilities until about the 7th of January. I just turned on the pilot light on my water heater as cold showers are no longer refreshing.

The second was the second death of my PC. After thinking about it for about 5 in days I decided to buy a small Samsung laptop just to stay in touch and what ever else I might manage with it.  So far it´s working out fine although I really don´t like Windows 7, it´s in Spanish and Windows 7 does not support my 2 older (not that old) Lexmark printers. Gonna have to look at new printers and or building another Windows XP machine.  I just bought 2 new printer cartridges which we all know cost almost as much as the printer and hopefully are not outdated.

The real change that we are not supposed to talk about until much further into the process for fear of looking either real weak or real stupid or both .... is dumping the tobacco.   I have no idea why I´ve allowed myself to smoke up to age 70 or why I was willing to pay $1600 pesos ($125us) a month to do it (probably 3 times that in the US).   Anyway we are 3 weeks into the "process" and I´m a physical and psychological mess .... but I still suggest cold turkey.    Just don´t do it is the only way for me. Vamos a ver !!


Nancy said...

Congratulations on quitting, it will be on day at a time for a while. But you'll be glad you did, I know you will.

sparks said...

Thanks Nancy .... I went thru this once many years ago so kinda remember. It will be months before I consider it a success.

Barbara said...

Congrats on quitting. My sister, who is 83, quit at 60 and said it was the best thing she ever did! My brother-in-law says she now has white teeth.....he's a joker, but its true!

Steve Cotton said...

I was wondering where you were. Dead computers do cause problems. (By the way, I love Windows 8. It works just like my Android telephone.)

sparks said...

Glad your brought up teeth which I seldom look at. Looks like a cleaning and inspection is over due. Dentista Woo uses ultra-sonic

sparks said...

You mean touch screen? I can get used to Windows 7 but still XP is so much easier. I´m cutting off my Internet on the Iphone because I don´t use it but sometimes get charged for it. A Blog post down the line

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