Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hormones and Halloween

It was finally time for Lorena to visit Dr. Rosa so we dropped by after leaving Euriel at school yesterday.  She's been having headaches, feeling the heat a little more than she should, gaining weight and has been tired (tho you can hardly tell it).   Combine that with deciding how to wean Nahima who is still breast feeding at age 3.

Dr. Rosa says her hormones are out of balance and gave her an injection along with a 3 month prescription for some pills.  Also something to help her milk dry up but it's very mild and she suggests the only real way to wean is to insist Nahima eat more food and less breast feeding.   Breast feeding can also contribute to a hormone imbalance.   Lorena is the heart of that family and the last thing needed is her getting sick.

Dr. Rosa's office is right near the Tianguis so we went to see what they might have for Halloween or Dia de Los Muertos.   The only things we found were the 3 masks below and a bunch of fireworks which are really aimed at Christmas holidays and not the ones coming up.   We bought some fireworks and I tried 2 of the "bottle rockets" last night.   They were duds as far as rockets but did sparkle and bang.

Today we went into Cihuatlan for our weekly shopping and Bodega had it all so we didn't go any further in search of Halloween.   A bunch of bags of candy, a few masks (who will wear them?) and a very large purple witches hat for Yari (no foto).   Yes kids come around on Halloween asking for "Queremos Halloween" (we want Halloween) but you never know how many.   Better to be over prepared than under but the kids here don't know about the Trick part of Trick-or-Treat.   Should be some fun.

Tianguis masks

Tianguis fireworks

Tianguis fireworks

Halloween candy and dud rockets

Halloween masks for somebody?


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