Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Saturday BBQ

Another day reaching 90 degrees but with a good breeze, a fan under the palapa, shade and the pool we had a comfortable day. Hugo and Lorena scored some tilapia and wanted to cook on my grill. Marinated in a chile sauce she made, covered in butter on the grill and a little mayonnaise. No problem with it being too dry. A perfect day and a meal to die for.

Nahima had her kiddie pool which ended up to be her clothes washing station more than a pool. Euriel stayed home because he's allergic to seafood. Really a shame for him because we all like fish and shrimp but Euriel has many allergies. Yari, the family "gofer", made her usual many trips to the store, a plate of fish to grandma's house and took some salad to Euriel while we relaxed. She never complains and even volunteers to go for me. The three dogs were well fed including Nahima's new puppy. None had any problems with fish bones which surprised me.

Hugo firing up the grill and Nahima in her pool

Smaller talapia

A bigger one

Ready to eat


Andean said...

The grilled talapia look awesome! Do you know what she puts in her chili sauce?

sparks said...

Chile tenir or chile ancho

Black pepper (pimienta)
Cominos (cumin)
Poco Laurel (bay)
Poco sal

Clean and soak Chile
When chile is soft everything goes in blender

sparks said...

Forgot to "answer" but recipe above

John Calypso said...

Would like tilapia better if it had fewer bones - However it sure looks good and colorful on your BBQ. ;-)

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