Sunday, May 26, 2013

Conjunctivitis or something in my eye

The illustration is to save you looking at what can be kind of gross photos found on the Internet.

So three days ago I was convinced I got a real fine ash in my eye while burning some yard waste.  I couldn't see anything and neither could Lorena. Conjunctivitis feels like you have a small particle in your eye.   The next day Hugo tried to convince me it was the same  infection he had and that his 2 year old had.    The baby had it first and gave it to Hugo.   I have no idea how they gave it to me or how it's transmitted.  I bought 2 little bottles of saline eye drops for Hugo and myself and it helps a lot.  Baby and Hugo eyes have cleared up.   My eye is still watering  but no longer feels like something in it.    I'll check with a doctor tomorrow if it's still bothering me.


John Calypso said...

A mild Boric Acid solution is the ticket - if you can find it.

sparks said...

I have my acido borico for ants ... but will definitely look for suggestions and correct mixture. Thanks

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