Monday, February 13, 2012

Tree trimming

This was me today cleaning up a tree with my machete on an adjoining lot that both overhangs my house and is into my power lines as they come from the pole. Actually the tree is outside their fence which is public property but can have a sidewalk someday. The tree is a Primavera which are very brittle in a wind storm. We lost lots of them when Jova was here in October. I took about half the tree down but plan on cutting the whole thing down to fencepost level. They do have their barbed wire fence nailed to it.

Our neighborhood used to be a mango orchard and the other tree on the same lot is a very old mango also in front of their property. For that I have to call CFE (the power company) to come out and trim it once a year. I wouldn't mind taking that one down as well but it's a shady spot for the neighbors and kids have a swing hanging on it.


norm said...

I've been wacking on a 90 foot tall maple tree in my side yard. It is just a tad too close to my house. I'm down to the main trunk. I've been holding off until the ground drys out because I think it needs a cable and the tractor hooked up to it before I make that last cut. The tree should make 6 saw logs and a great bonfire next summer.

sparks_mex said...

The rest of the tree is only about 30 feet but wil at least need a guide rope so it doesn't fall in the street and across the power lines. The first part could be reached from my roof and from a ladder but at my age I may get some help for the upper part

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