Friday, February 10, 2012

La Huerta, Cuautitlan and Cuzapala for coffee

I was getting low on coffee and very tired of Nescafe. The place(s) here in Melaque are charging 90 pesos a 1/2 kilo when only a few years ago I was paying 50 pesos. I'm referring to Cuzalapa coffee, the best coffee around and the only ones that do a dark roast. Anyway, all my neighbors were busy so I decided to drive up and see what the prices were and how the Coop was doing. It is suggested you call first if you want a lot of coffee ... but my cel phone wasn't working.

It had been over two years since I've driven up highway 80 and I was surprised to find the highway thru La Huerta paved, 4 lanes and nice laterals. They even have a traffic light. It is the County Seat so I guess it's about time. Continue past La Huerta to La Conch and take the next major right. Signs should say Cuautitlan which is another County Seat of the Municipio of the same name. Lots of sugar cane grown in the area

Pass thru Cuautitlan (don't get lost) and continue for maybe 10 miles to the very little town of La Rosa. There you turn left for another few miles to Cuzalapa. Hurricane Jova took out the bridge just before town but it's an easy river ford at this time of year.

The Coop is fine and the prices are still reasonable ... only 55 pesos a 1/2 kilo. I had an order for 20 bags and I should have called the day before because all they had was 8 bags from the morning roast. Anyway I'm set for awhile. I'll add a link from a past visit at the bottom.

La Huertas new highway

Country around Cuautitlan and sugar cane in the background

Entrance to Cuautitlan

Cuzalapa bridge out

Cuzalapa traffic


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