Friday, January 20, 2012

My new fruit trees

Well the almond tree (almendra or almendro) is not exactly new since I've had it for about 6 months. The winds from hurricane Jova knocked it over and I replanted it a little deeper. Many almendra trees went down during the hurricane. Now that the storms have passed there is a new threat ... the neighborhood kids. The tree is planted just outside my sidewalk on the street to eventually shade the house. This morning the kids were beating at it with a stick. Why they would want to do that I have no idea ... but who knows what goes thru the mind of a 5 year old.

The foto below is not mine but an example of what mine might be someday. You can almost see the layering (levels) of the branches. I always thought you had to "Bonsai" trim them ... but that's the way they grow.

So that got me thinking that I just bought 3 more trees last week at a great vivero (nursery) up the coast in Emiliano Zapata. Huge place and really worth a stop if you pass that way. The three are; Carambola (carambolo) or star fruit, Chico Zapote and a coastal Avocado (aquacate).

I had the idea that a Chico Zapote would be a small to medium sized tree but as you can see below they can get huge. Gonna take some trimming. The Carambola looks just right and I love the fruit when it's fresh. I wasn't paying attention when I planted the Avocado and put it in the wrong place. It's now in transplant shock so I hope it survives.

Almendra (almond) tree

Carambolo (star fruit) tree

Huge Chico Zapote tree


Anonymous said...

Photos from your next trip to the viverso would be fasinating.
Thanks for these.


sparks_mex said...

I have some ... I will soon

norm said...

Five year old kids with sticks are the least of my problems. I have macho deer that use my fruit trees for rutting practice. I build these nice wire cages to keep the deer off-I find them in the field after the horny old buzzards get them stuck on their horns. The tree? Little more than a two inch thick stub sticking up out of the ground with not a lick of bark left. Don't get me started on my poor pine trees...

sparks_mex said...

Speaking of cages .... anything new or small in my yard is either fenced or caged to keep my dog out. She likes to excavate in moist places to cool off and has uprooted a few

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