Saturday, January 07, 2012

Mexico Message Board Hell

Gringo Message Boards in Mexico for me are a great resource for finding out what is going on in your area and around Mexico.   Information on Visas, border crossings and other subjects and areas. If you are lucky enough to have one specifically for your area it can be that much better. Info on where to buy things, worker suggestions, current activities and lots more.

Sadly (only in the sense of message boards) I live in an area where TomZap is the only option.  They run a very loose ship on their board allowing almost anyone to go on and on about their delusions of life and all the negativity that comes with it.

We have a number of mentionable characters who refer to TomZap as the "funny papers" and treat it that way ... but the worst offender is John Alexander: AKA Buzzards Glory West, Buzzard West and a few other "handles".   I refer to him as the resident lunatic for his constant ranting and berating of others.   The best it gets here is often his gibberish is moved to an "off topic" area.   He has taken a particular disliking to me for reasons I don't understand (there is no way to understand this character); for Blogging, for posting and for living.  

There is no "make up and things will be better" here because berating other people is all he does when he is not being a comedian looking for a spot on the Tonight Show.   Here's a recent rant he made towards Carol who is a fixture in the community ... within a half  hour

Buzzards Glory Barra Re: Decision on Meeting Today vs. Monday

January 07, 2012 03:13PM IP/Host:
Will the mayor be there on Monday?

Monday January 07, 2012 03:24PM IP/
Hello Carol?

Monday January 07, 2012 03:34PM IP/
Carol.............. in the other thread you said "Stay tuned. The folks that were actually organizing something from the ground up and not concerned about their own power, but more about safety and security, are meeting right now to decide how to respond to this top down move which is probably everything that Bill says it is."

Paco said ............. "This is an invitation from the Mayor and the Delegate of tourism as well as all authorities involved, Do not be afraid to attend."

So if there are no conlsuates there, no officials are there, and you stage a meeting in the plaza in front of the municple building, could that possibly be viewed as a "political protest"?

Monday January 07, 2012 03:44PM IP/
re "We need to have a great turnout to convey our outrage -- and that it is an outrage shared between the local and foreign community members." your words Carol

This ain´t Haight-Ashbury!

And we are not in California!

His final comment on this without the answers he wanted was:
So the Monday meeting is useless in my opinon?

AKA ... tribute to Buzzard West


sparks_mex said...

I got two Facebook comments from people I know that agree on "the Buzzard" ... but just got an Anonymous comment here about how irritating I am.

Well gee mr/mrs Anonymous, isn't everyone somewhat irritating just because they are not you.

Act like a child and be treated like a child. You want some respect ... then give it!!!

sparks_mex said...

Further comments on Buzzard

paul falduto
The problem with buzzard is that he judges these events based on how the organizers respond to him and his need to have his ego fed and to have others bow to him and HIS needs. Why does he need to meet with the organizers before he gives it his stamp of approval? Because he is a busy-body and "butt-inski" who has a very inflated opinion of himself. He pretends to be concerned about others just so he can stick his nose in their business, from what I can see. He constantly jumps to conclusions and makes assumptions about things about which he knows nothing. He is constantly accusing people he doesn't know of acting in bad faith simply because they have an idea he doesn't like. I know well as he accused me, without knowing me or anything about me, of being a crook and liar simply because I wrote here on tomzap about a business proposal he didn't like and of course I didn't clear it with him first. How dare I!!!!! And I am certainly far from the only one to whom he has acted this way.

Why some of you give him slack is beyond me. Best to ignore him.

"Either he is loony or just wants to cause trouble, or both."

paul falduto
So buzzard, once again you were feeling ignored because the organizers didn't jump through all your hoops, so then you dis them, then you apologize when you discover you are wrong, yet again.

Did you ever think of minding your own business from the get-go so you don't look like a fool, yet again?

"Either he is loony or he likes to cause trouble, or both."

sparks_mex said...

Stan Burnett
Scott, I feel your pain. I put him on ignore a long time ago, but I agree he is ruining the board.

Richard Grabman
Sounds about average for gringo message boards here. Too many old (or not so old) farts with a computer and nothing else to keep them occupied.

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