Sunday, March 20, 2011

Been a rough week

With the death of Shoe, friends and family have been in a turmoil for the last week. It's what happens with no death planning and a bit of a culture clash. Family from up north know nothing about Mexico, Spanish, culture or the rules. Most gringo friends here speak little Spanish and know only a little about the culture. Even my reasonable Spanish was often misunderstood on critical issues.

Special rules apply to cremation. The executor, his ex-wife, had papers that were 8 years old (too old here). Needed his son to send notarized permission to the Guadalajara Consulate and the Consulate then contact the funeral home in Manzanillo. Shoe also left no clear instructions on what to do upon his death ... either with his body or his possessions. If you are going to stay in Mexico it's not that difficult to do the paper work and save friends and family the hassle.

So we're almost past the "who's paying, where's his stuff go and what's to be done with the ashes" stages. Just that there was some real hard feelings and much confusion which I believe was mostly a clash of culture.

So last night we took the kids to the beach on the night of the largest moon in 20 years (I guess that means it's closer). Sorry but I don't do time exposures which is required for that kind of light. Had to put the moon and the reflection on the bay in two different fotos. The ocean and moon rises are often calming on the right day


Kathy said...

I'm so sorry about your friend.

Anonymous said...

Hola Scott,

We are truly sorry about the loss of your dear friend. We certainly have lost a few in Melaque, haven't we?
Our thoughts are with you.


Diane & Alan

Anonymous said...

We are sorry to hear about the experience of losing a good friend.
Please let us hear from you!

Sincerely NKP

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