Saturday, October 09, 2010

Unhappy with my neighbors

About two weeks ago I found this little guy in my back yard crying his head off. With lots of food and attention he came around and will be a good cat. Because I'm moving and my two cats were not very happy with him I was planning on leaving him with a local animal shelter. Luckily the new renters had a neighbor that wanted him and he left yesterday in the arms of the neighbors very happy daughter.

The reason I'm unhappy is I woke this morning to another crying kitten. This one doesn't even have it's eyes open and can barely walk. No way he could have gotten into my yard by himself. Off to the animal shelter in a few hours !!

A plug for Anita's Animals in San Juan Cosala. Just got back from there and she say's she has a nursing mother that will probably accept this 3-4 day old kitten. She has more animals than she needs but won't turn any away. Sweet lady!! Anita's Animals is located on the east end of San Juan Cosala about half way up the entrance to the Racket Club. Turn left at the sign.


Anonymous said...

love the picture of that kitty. what a happy ending. thank you for posting the info about anita's animals. i just read all about her organization and will make a donation. i love cats and dogs but had to give ours away when we moved to japan last summer. i now feed stray cats and pet as many dogs as i can while i am out walking. japanese people love their dogs and i have yet to see a stray. i's sad that there are so many stray cats, but people do take care of them in the parks.take care and enjoy your pets.

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