Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mexican Census 2010

"The census was taken at our house this morning. The questions were non-intrusive, took very little time, and the young man from INEGI was wearing all the attributes of his uniform. When we were finished answering, he politely asked if he could put the CENSADO sticker on our door so that other census takers would not bother us. Very professional, very easy. There were no questions about immigration or citizenship status; this census focuses on housing (do you have electricity? internet? bathroom with running water? how many bedrooms?), health insurance (do you have any?) and education (ditto)--et cetera"

I've been reading about people being visited by census takers in other parts of Mexico but they must be out in force because they visited me here in Jocotepec yesterday. Just like stated above, very easy to answer questions and non-invasive.  That's my sticker that says I've been visited.


Steve Cotton said...

And I shall go uncounted.

el jubilado said...

That's what you get. Actually it's not personal except where I was born, education, married/single, etc .... but really didn't care who I was or what I was doing there.

Really just a general population check up

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