Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jocotepec - an overbuilt weekend getaway?

There's been lots of concern and controversy over the thousand plus houses and apartments being built just beyond Jocotepec in El Chante. Most of the concern has been about how the permits were issued and can the treatment plant handle that much sewage and keep the lake safe. Who knows?

They have thought of the traffic this will produce and have a nearly completed Jocotepec bypass road on the hillside north of town. They are also widening highway 15 from Joco out to highway 54 and the entrance to Guadalajara. This new road may end up being better than the existing road into Chapala and therefore adding even more traffic.

Since there is no major shopping in the Joco area I can't imagine what Bodega Aurrera and the centro market will be like weekends or vacations let alone in town driving. This is a large part of why I'll probably be moving back to the beach towards the end of the year. A tourist escape so close to a city the size of Guadalajara is not what I came here for.

Hill side of the highway some of the 1000

Lake side of the highway some of the 1000

A little further towards El Chante building more

And here is an apartment complex that could number another 1000


Steve Cotton said...

Yikes! It looks like the development on the ring road around Manzanillo.

Ron said...

Move to the south side of the lake.

That would be an alternative.

el jubilado said...

At this point it's going to be heading back to the beach. It just seems so much busier up here. Nice to visit but prefer smaller and the ocean

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