Tuesday, February 09, 2010

San Cristóbal Zapotitlán Fiesta

Well not quite a fiesta but good food, beer and people. Rene's place is big enough for a fiesta and there's even talk of making a restaurant out of it - we'll see. Trouble is not many in that small town could afford it, they have one beach restaurant, it's a 25 minute drive from Jocotepec and a long way from Ajijic/Chapala.

San Cristóbal is on the south side of Lake Chapala but not far from the west end and Jocotepec. This was a 2 pm party which is perfect to be back before sundown. We ran into an 87 year old gringa who had lived there for 10+/- years (she wasn't sure) and invited her. She moved after living in Ajijic for 10+/- years (she wasn't sure) to get away from Gringolandia.

Mom was out back by the squash patch cooking Tilapia in a wok. Surprisingly only one young person. She was sitting out back by herself next to the tramoline (brincolin) and I told her she should use it and she spent the rest of the day there. She wanted to be serious for the foto but opened up when I said 'dice queso'. Fun day and good conversations.


Howard said...

Now, why do they drink Tecate?
There are so many better beers.

el jubilado said...

Really there were about 5 different brands including Indio but I guess we just caught a Tecate moment

Christine said...

I am unhappy with the black and white photograph you have as part of your blog masthead. It has been a long winter and the photo reminds me of a cloudy day. Just a thought. You have lots of other sunnier pictures on your web site.

el jubilado said...

Christine .... I hear ya. With so much sun down here it's easy to take for granted

Anonymous said...

OMG! I just found your note in the web, believe me i got so surprised, thank you so much! we did spend a great moment, we should do it once again...greetings.. Rene from San Cristobal...

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